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Ensure Footwear to poor in slums and Covid hit migrants

Just as we need clothes, we also need shoes. Without shoes that fit our feet, we wouldn’t be able to walk comfortably.

Children especially besides poor adults and covid hit migrant labour, need shoes with various sizes at different age spans.

However, sometimes parents can't afford to buy new shoes for their children because maybe they are on a tight budget at the moment or just can’t afford it while battling for livelihood.

There are people who walk barefoot in the streets, villages, heated roads in summers and in mushy waters-without any shoes, their chances of getting a disease are very high with ailments and bacterial infections which sometimes lead to amputation of feet and in some adverse cases death.

We donate a variety of footwear- slippers, shoes, sandals depending on the recipient’s age and requirement.

That is why it is essential you donate shoes to charity if you can. Do your bit with our Happy Feet drive, a dedicated footwear charity initiative from Joy Story Foundation.






Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019